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by Mike S.

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Welcome back, as promised in the nootropic review we ran our own in house human trial to share the results!

In our first week testing NooCube, after our extensive research and consultations we came to the conclusion that we should re-run the test using the maximum recommended dosage to be able to accurately review the product and its effectiveness.

This was particularly related to our individual performing the tests, as some people are hypersensitive to some herbs, medications, or other interactions with the human physiology and others are less sensitive.

It’s also easier to gauge how valuable this product could be to you, if we really know the safe limit for what you can achieve with it. Remember to do your own health check, talk to your preferred professionals, doctors and other healers, witch doctors, spirit guides, gods, coach, parent, or whoever matters to you in all decisions of your health.

If you take medications of any kind, make extra sure to seek professional advice regarding any interactions with the ingredients of any and all supplements you take.

This also applies to over-the-counter products, or over-the-forest items as well, such as natural teas or other things not generally found in the pharmacy which can still have interactions with medications and supplements (like caffeine, or natural sedatives like chamomile). Also, as common sense dictates, we are not here to replace or provide professional advice.

For those of you who read about the first trial run, you’ll know I am talking about a small supplement pill with nootropics designed to enhance brain function, memory, etc. Taking these all natural gel capsules as directed by the product manufacturer, is to take 2 per day at first to a maximum of 4 per day.

The first trial I did 2 per day. Now I am testing out NooCube taking 4 per day.

When I tested 2 per day, I noticed a marginal improvement in my productivity and generally how I felt throughout the day. It didn’t take long to realize that I had found the correct dosage for me, personally.

Fine tuning led to a better balance. It is clear to me that this product is helpful, and I noticed no sort of side effects or interactions at all.

As I write this article, I am enjoying a ginseng green tea, so there are some other factors to consider in the overall bigger picture but these results should be similar to what you will experience should you take this supplement as directed.

The First Day

The first day had mixed results. In the morning, I quickly noticed I was more alert and on the ball than the days before.

It reminded me of the movie “Limitless” where there is the designer drug, the clear pill made in some science lab that instantly lets you use all your brain completely. Okay so it wasn’t quite like that…

But it was quite noticeable especially when I took stock of what I had accomplished by my lunch break. I think the fact that I had already been taking NooCube previously probably helped, as the body builds more receptors it absorbs more I guess.

If you want to know more about that, talk to a biologist, nutritionist or other appropriate professionals.

Now, obviously there’s always multiple factors in a human’s energy levels, concentration, focus, memory retention, etc.

Any random thought, or event in front of a person can cause a distraction, some food ingested previously interacting in the digestive cycle or whatever else, so these results are open to interpretation, but I noticed when I took 4 pills all at once in the morning, the first half of the day went well, but then I started becoming more burnt out and tired in the second half of my work.

Was it my diet that day, or perhaps the alignment of the planets? I don’t know.

What do I know? After the first day, I decided to start taking 2 in the morning before breakfast, and 2 more right before I ate lunch. This seemed to work better for me, and I skipped the afternoon coffee nap after this adjustment.

The First Week

After a few days, I got into a regular routine of getting my bottle of NooCube out twice a day, before breakfast and before lunch. This worked well for me, but keep in mind you are a human being, you are unique, figure out for yourself what works best for you.

I found that my days were feeling more fulfilling while taking it regularly. I noticed more items crossed off my todo list, more thank you’s, smiles and hugs while fewer moments of mental fatigue feeling drained, torn or not knowing what to do.

I’m not just saying this. In order to write this article, I had to do 2 trial runs, each with a break afterwards before writing this.

So twice now, I’ve had a before and after assessment of this in close proximity evaluating the days with and the days without. Yes, for real, yes I am the human who swallowed the pills twice a day, writing this now.

I don’t get paid if you buy this product. I will have no idea whether you do or not, nor does it really matter to me. What matters to me is that you get a truthful and accurate account of what happened with some other human who actually tried this.

It was very easy to notice there was a ripple effect from taking this product. Even though it is not a pain relief pill, it helped me reduce my pain, because my brain was more focused, I was performing my stretches and yoga more consistently and therefore feeling better physically as a direct result of the stretching and yoga, indirectly as a result of taking NooCube.

Its kind of like when you want to solve a problem, you don’t just clean up the mess it caused, you fix what’s broken. It all starts in the brain for us humans, so by healing or supplementing your brain function, you inadvertently cause positive effects in any areas of neglect which you are failing to realize are even bothering you.

This was something I noticed about a week into this trial. I was actually surprised at how well I was doing this particular week, and looking for other reasons, not NooCube, as to why I might be having a better week, but I couldn’t really find any. In fact, I found a few reasons why one might think I should be having a lousy week but I had solved those challenges easily.

best nootropics review 2016

The Point of No Return

2 weeks into this it was clear to me that I was enjoying my new life with NooCube.

Despite having a cram packed 2 weeks with a move from our local city out into the country which I did with just a little bit of help from family and my little 3 seater 4 cylinder pickup truck, appointments, meetings, drop off and pick up at school and house rents on the side when I find extra time as if that’s something that exists.

Productivity has been up. Energy levels, focus and concentration have all definitely seen some improvement.

With my busy schedule as a single parent working 2 jobs I often find myself on autopilot. Running on autopilot once in awhile for mundane tasks can be helpful and a good thing… but if it starts up by mistake during more important times the consequences outweigh the benefits.

Noocube helped keep autopilot disengaged except when operating at a higher level where the task in hand is lower than the capacity of concentration allowing for effective multitasking. This seems to occur more frequently with Noocube.

After 1 month

I now come to expect a little bit more of myself, and seem to do just a little bit better as the days go by.

I mean it’s not a consistent science, I had some days where I didn’t get enough sleep the night before and productivity levels weren’t at their best, but I got through them and they seemed a little less painful than before.

On the 31st day, I took none. Zero. Was my day any different? I don’t know.

It didn’t really seem any different. Gives the impression it should I guess, I mean this is an herbal supplement, not a drug. So it builds up your systems better and helps you maintain them effectively, as opposed to an artificial temporary effect caused by a chemical reaction.

I imagine one could probably reduce their dosage after a time and maintain a good balance keeping the effects while reducing the dosage to a minimal level and occasional use. The question is how much do you need to take, for how long, to make that work, for you?

In conclusion…

I found that NooCube was very helpful, especially while going through a mentally and physically exhausting time period of a long distance move with multiple trips. I think it was a lot more effective and helpful to me when taking the full dosage, and I think the build up over time in my system was key to the level of success I had taking this all natural brain enhancing supplement.

I would definitely recommend this to any friend, family member or fellow human being that’s looking to heal or recover from any sort of brain injury or trauma, or just simply to increase daily productivity or mental performance. I wouldn’t call it an energy booster, but it is a great brain booster.

If you are looking for a “pick me up” or are feeling tired every day, then you should probably get some nutritional advice to go with your brain boosting supplements, and do whatever is best for you to increase those energy levels, maybe take vitamin D or get more fresh air near moving water (yes, it has scientifically proven health benefits).

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